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(Archived) Cannot customize Shortcuts

Mata Hari


EN allows you to assign global keywords shortcuts for common actions.

That is what I read in Preferences Shortcuts

But, when I try to define my own keywords, the old keywords disappear and no new words can be entered.

The old keywords are gone, cant get them back

Kindly explain this strange behavior, newly discovered.

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Works fine for me.

1. Select the item you want to change

2. Click the cross to clear the text box

3. Click the text box to record (the text box displays 'Type Shortcut')

4. Type the shortcut you'd like to use


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You think I am stupe ? I have done that, yet it won't work. Cant type anything.

I could type the special characters like command I but it will not accept that since it is in use.

I succeeded to type I for Search in EN. Then each time I am writing I here, suddenly goes to EN and searches

OK, now I know this is another stupidity by EN, so would you tell me how to go back to default since that too is now not working, the boxes are grey. I wonder how many times I will have to post questions in EN forum....although I am using EN for more than a year. The reason I use it is the syncing capability and it is also quite fast. But then there are lots of stupid things.

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