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(Archived) iPhone App - suggestions

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I'm new to evernote, but very impressed. My biggest complaint with the iPhone up until now has been that it didn't have a proper notes application (that synced with the desktop) so I'm happy to once more have all my notes with me.

A couple of suggestions for features that would make it more useful for me. I've seen these come up already, but just wanted to add my perspective to help explain some of the reasons why the features would be useful.

1. Offline access. The main reason this is important to me is that I travel abroad a lot, and when abroad you pay (through the nose) for data, so I like to stay off-line when traveling... but I still want access to my notes. Ideally an automated background sync... but would need the option to switch it off so that it doesn't sync while abroad. Manual sync would be a decent compromise.

2. Editing. I understand the reasoning behind this, but for a lot of notes the rich-text/html stored with the note is not actually important. I would ideally like to have the option to edit, with a warning that editing would "Discard all styling" similar to what Outlook does when you switch to plain-text email. This seems like a decent compromise until somebody builds a cocoa/iPhone rich-text editor that can be included.

Personally, I'd be okay with these features only being available for premium users.

Thanks.. and congratulations on a great app.

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Thanks for the feedback. We're finishing a rewrite of our POP/IMAP mail gateway, which would let you pull down a copy of all of your notes, which you can read offline on any smart phone (including the iPhone). This will provide the first level of "offline" support. Building a full synchronizing client on the phone is also of interest, but this turns out to be a lot of extra work, so won't happen in the short term.

We're also considering options around mobile editing ... as you say, this would need to give you a lot of warning that it will discard all formatting, images, audio, PDF, etc. We just want to make sure that this is more useful than irritating.


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Man, Dave. You are one busy Evernote guy. Thanks for all your helpful forum posts. Just thought I would share a few thoughts on mobile-side editing. I'm sure all you Evernote folks are way smarter than me, but it makes me feel better to think I've tried to contribute.

Two options I've thought of are:

1. Have a flag on each note that would be Yes/No for "text only." If the flag is "Yes" then you could edit it mobile-side. If no, then read-only. Not sure if you would want to give the users the ability to change that flag on the mobile, but if you did then that would be one way to trigger the "You're going to lose all your formatting and pictures if you do this" alert.

2. Allow users to create one notebook that is strictly text-only. Then, only notes in that notebook could be edited on the mobile. Although, since notebooks are not currently visible on the iPhone app I'm not sure if this is doable.

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Thanks for the suggestions. We've gone through a few ideas like these, but were worried that it would raise more questions than it answers. ("Why do I only get an 'edit' button on this note, but not this other note?")

We're still thinking this over internally, however.


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I think there's another option: not really edit the notes, but append text to them (which any mobile device can handle). This could allow users to quickly add new 'comments' to a note, and once the note is synced to desktop or the web, the user can edit the note in full (delete some old text, rearrange comments, etc.).

This is how this could look like:

Will have a meeting with the marketing guy at 2 pm          <== this is the original note (which could potentially contain images, media, rich formatting)
Meeting shifted to 3 pm <== this is a text comment appended to the original note, delimited automatically with '---'

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I echo being able to provide simple text only edits on the iPhone.

Even more important: change the displayed text size. The notes I have dropped into Evernote from Outlook are completely illegible as they are so small. Any solution to this?

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A few suggestions for the iPhone App, some were already mentioned...

1. Adding text annotations to Evernote items (edit) or adding simple new text notes. The suggestion above by other posters is very good to be able to at least add text notes to existing items or add new simple text notes with iPhone photos. (This way, the complex Evernote notes would not be broken on iPhone or other mobile apps and remain read-only as outlined by iafanasyev above)

2. ToDos/Making tags editable on iPhone.

I realized a simple Done/In Progress checkbox would be very helpful after using Evernote on the iPhone. As you suggested here, this can be achieved by adding a Tag "To Do" on the desktop...


However, this would require tags to be editable on the iPhone.

3. URL parsing, ie. making links active so you can can open URLs from Evernote content on iPhone Safari

I find myself storing URLs or URLs may appear, since the iPhone has no Copy/Paste it may be very helpful if URLs could be opened in Safari by tapping them.

PS: Let me say that the iPhone Evernote app is already great now and some improving touches could make it superb !

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