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(Archived) page ends where?

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As I'm creating my own text notes in the editor, I have no idea where one page ends and the next one begins (should I want to print). In Word, this is always indicated by a see through dotted line. I also can't tell where the page ends on the both side margins.

This had made printing from evernote rather frustrating, as I'm finding myself trying to resize notes with the limited tools avaible. A table, for example, that extends over the edge of the printed page cannot be easily resized.

Any advice/help/tips are welcome

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EN is primarily a note collection/receptacle tool. Should you need more advanced document functions such as special formatting, knowing page numbers, etc, you probably should use the document editor of your choice. You can store the file in Evernote so it's (the doc file) available across the 'cloud'.

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