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(Archived) Automatic email

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My name is Anthony, I work in the IT department for a educational training company.We are currently in the process of giving iPads to our students to remotely work on assignments etc without needing internet connection (mostly) . We work heavily with Moodle LMS and Evernote seems like a good at this moment in time . My question is...

Currently we have 60 Students we want to share notebooks with.

Each student has there own account and we will be sharing between 13- 17 notebooks with the students at one time

Every time we share a notebook to the Students email it sends an email invitation.

This becomes quite a hassle as the student needs to press the link for every notebook.

is there a way of automating this process so the student doesn't need to acknowledge the invitation

If there is no way to automate this is there a workaround.

thanks, Anthony

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