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(Archived) One house, 2 Macs: Evernote is Confused



My wife installed Evernote on her laptop and her iPhone and has been using it for a while. Last week I downloaded Evernote for the first time on my laptop (I must stress that I didn't have Evernote on that computer before). I was surprised to see Evernote syncing my wife's account even though Evernote was new to MY laptop. Where does Evernote get its syncing data from? I then proceeded to delete all cookies, wiped off the Evernote that I had just installed and attempted to reinstall it. Same story, it was pulling my wife's data.

I then changed the Account info and made sure MY account in for was there, but it wouldn't get rid of my Wife's notebook! So I just gave up and deleted Evernote from my computer.

I was very surprised when I jumped onto my wife laptop as Evernote was then trying to Sync MY info on HER laptop and warning that her info might be wiped out...

So my question is: My wife uses one laptop, I use another one, how come it is impossible to have 2 accounts on 2 different computers in one household? I was in Hong Kong when I tried to install Evernote on my laptop, my wife was in Sydney..

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I just installed Evernote on a MacBook Pro and it wants to Sync the Notebook of another user in my house, who has Evernote on another computer. I cannot use 2 Evernote accounts on 2 Macs in the same house, Evernote keeps on trying to sync the same Evernote account on both computers.

WHY? Where does Evernote take its account data from??

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Are you sure the other user hasn't installed Evernote on your MBP?

If you are doing a clean install and you haven't sync'd anything with the web then there shouldn't be anything in user/library/application support/evernote

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Please do not start multiple threads on the same topic.

It seems apparent someone either installed Evernote on both computers or copied data from one to the other or something funky. When installing Evernote for the very first time on a computer, there is no way for Evernote to know what account you've used on another computer.

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Merged topics.

I'm trying to build a sequence of events here, so bear with me. When you first got the new MBP and added Evernote, did you subscribe to a new Evernote account, or use your wife's at the time? If you initially entered her account info, that would explain the sync with her account. It sounds like this was the case because...

I then changed the Account info and made sure MY account in for was there, but it wouldn't get rid of my Wife's notebook! So I just gave up and deleted Evernote from my computer.

Evernote for Mac is designed to be used by a single user profile. In other words, when you're logged in on your Mac, all of your Evernote data is stored in your User directory. For this reason, Evernote for Mac won't allow more than one Evernote account to be logged in at the same time. It's quite possible that during your initial login you used your wife's credentials, so when you're logged in with your Mac profile it continually calls up her EN service.

Although if you're syncing on her laptop, and she's syncing on yours...you could always trade laptops ;). Kidding, of course. Hopefully this helps get us set in the right direction.

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I am absolutely convinced that Evernote was never installed on my MBP (I am her IT support). To solve the mystery, I even wiped off Evernote from my MBP, cleaned all the cookies from all browsers and re-installed Evernote. I am going to give it another go and will:

- Delete Evernote from my MBP (including user/library/application support/evernote - I will also do a search on all files contaning "evernote" and wipe them off)

- Delete cookies from browsers

- Sign-in to Evernote on a browser (even though this should make any difference, but I like being thorough)

- Download Evernote and do a fresh install on my MBP[

Last time I did this, I signed in successfully to Evernote, however my wife's notebook was still present in my Evernote, in addition to my Notebook (mystery). What surprised me even more is that when I went to my wife's laptop to check her Evernote's behaviour (just in case), HER Evernote had then changed its own Account Info to MY username and password in HER laptop (without me touching het laptop at all) and it was then trying to Sync MY Evernote Notebook on HER laptop.

The mystery deepens.

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So, after having wiped everything I could find, even the web clipper from all browsers and my wife's Evernote email address that was in my Address Book, I downloaded Evernote. Right after install, the Welcome to Evernote is showing my wife's username in the sign in box. What the heck? Where is Evernote getting her username from? I downloaded Evernote whilst signed in to Evernote.com as myself, not her!

After I log in as myself, here's the error message:

You previously synced with username 'christabeldraffin' and are now attempting to sync with username 'borisjacquin'. Any data not in the new account will be removed from your computer, including any local changes that you have not synced up to the server.

How can I wipe everything off Evernote and do a 100% clean install? I know exactly what is going to happen if I sync with username 'borisjacquin', it happened last time. What it is going to do is attempt to Sync my account's Evernote on my wife's computer and delete her notebook on her computer.

What the heck is happening there? I was going to use Evernote and pay for it, but it looks like it's not going to happen.

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You should open a support ticket.

Agreed. At this point, please open up a support ticket (in my signature below) and we'll begin tracking the issue. I would include everything that you have done up until this point. The more information the faster we'll be able to resolve.

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