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Each client seems to have it's own view of what the correct collation sequence is for title sort. I also had a personal question about what the correct special characters were to use to prefix tags and note titles to get specific order.

Finally got around to getting a definitive answer and created a notebook with a bunch of test notes to examine the issue.

The notebook has been shared and should be visible on any client which supports use of shared notebooks.


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Updated notebook to include:

-UTF-8 character coding for test characters.

-Test results for Windows, Web & iOS clients.


!"#$%&'()*+,-./09:;<=>?@[\]^_`AaZz{|}~ (Windows) (NOCASEUTF8)
!"#$%&'()*+,-./09:;<=>?@AaZz[\]^_`{|}~ (Web)
`^_-,;:!?.'"()[]{}@*/\%+<=>!~$09AaZz (iOS)

Would like to add test results for other clients which I don't have (see my sig). Please.

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Interestingly though when a bunch of tags are added to a note, the sort order of the tags within the note is different than the sort order of the notes based on the tags.


e.g. Tags within a single note in Windows client will sort thus: : ~2014, 800, Call BUT when a number of notes (using a selection of the same tags) is sorted by tags the notes sort like this: 800, Call, ~2014


Can you make any sense of that - I can't but I could just be tired from a long week?

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