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(Archived) EN will index typed .pdf's but not scanned .pdf's

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I have scanned several documents into .pdf format then uploaded to EN, let it sit for a couple of days, but they are not searchable. I am a premium member. So I tried a very simple test. I took a Word document with the words "See Dick run. See Jane jump." I saved it as a .pdf and synced. I also printed it, scanned it into a .pdf and synced. The document that I saved directly from Word to .pdf is searchable. The document that I saved from the scan is not searchable. Is there some special way of scanning? We have a Konica C450 that can scan into pretty much any format.

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I just copied your PDF and pasted it into my Evernote, then manually sync'd to get it up to Evernote.

2 minutes later, I manually sync'd again to bring it back down and it was scanned.

I searched for "See Dick run" and found it.

It will take longer if for Free Users.

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For whatever it's worth, I've recently begun having the exact same problem, and actually tested with the above document as well and am getting the same results. Images are scanned and update with search data with no problems, but PDFs aren't searchable unless they've already been OCRed. I've opened a support ticket since I was also finding my note counts on the web side to be completely off. Support has apparently initiated a re-index of my database, but that can take up to 48 hours to perform. So far, however, even new items that I add to Evernote on the Mac and upload are not being indexed properly, so I'm not sure if it's simply a problem with corruption in the existing indices or something else going on.

It's worth noting that this problem only seems to affecting content in the past few days -- scanned PDFs that are already in my Evernote library can still be searched fine, but new PDFs do not appear to be getting indexed at all.

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