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(Archived) Need help! Data is correct on web, but not Mac)



So I thought I was in a notebook when I hit cmd-A, but I guess I was in all notebooks and I deleted all 1000+ notes of mine. Luckily I quit the app before it synced, so they're in the right spots online, but not on my Mac. How do I make it so my Mac (thinking they're all in the trash) doesn't overwrite what's online? Do I need to delete all the Evernote folders on my Mac or something?

I can restore them, but "restore" doesn't actually restore, correct? It doesn't put them back in the right notebooks, etc.

Edit: Sorry if I sound frantic, but I'm meticulous about organizing my notes and I can't imagine having to re-sort all 1000+ of them. I'm sure many people feel that way. Thanks for the help.

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If I delete my database on my Mac, will it just re-download everything from the web?

If so, which files do I delete on my Mac?

Edit: I think I've got it. I dragged my Evernote folder out of ~/Library/Application Support and opened Evernote. Now it's re-downloading everything like it's being opened for the first time.


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I can't speak about the Mac client. On the Windows client, I think if you fully exit Evernote, delete all files in the Evernote data folder (not just the database), then invoke Evernote, you will need to provide login name & password & a new database will be created & all the notes downloaded from the client.

If you had a fairly recent backup, you could rename the entire (bad) Evernote folder & then copy the entire EN data folder from the backup to the "live" area. When you run EN after that, it should download any changes from the Cloud & be fine. At least in the Windows version.

You may find this thread helpful. It seems to support that the Mac client works similarly to the Windows client. IOW, if you delete the entire area where the database & supporting files exist (I would suggest rename, rather than delete), then invoke EN, a new database will be created & load your notes down from the cloud.

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Also, before renaming the bad database folder, you should identify any notes that were really added/changed (then mass deleted). You could restore those from the trash, then export them to enex format. Once you get a good live database back, you can import the enex files with any new notes that may not have yet made it to the cloud (or that were in local/non-sync'd notebooks.

Good luck.

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