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General Printing Issues


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I have searched these forums looking for an answer, but no one else has my issue.

I use Evernote for Windows (v4). When printing notes that were typed in Evernote (not scanned or emailed in) the font that is printed is abnormally large. For example, most of my notes are typed and displayed in size 10 font. When I print out the note the font size of the printed words is around 14 or 16; much larger than 10. If I change the font to 8 or 9, it will print at size 12(ish).

Also, when I choose Print Preview from the file menu, all that is displayed is a blank page; no words, letters or punctuation.

Anyone else have these issues or know how to fix them?

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If you can find a size of font that works, you can change the default in ~Tools ~Options ~Note (which you probably already knew).

If your printer is having problems interfacing with Evernote native text, but not other documents, try checking the page setup (under ~File), and if there is still a problem try reinstalling your printer (it should be possible as HP2 or Epson2 or some such). If all else fails, try Support!

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Added to my re-test list.

tested yet?

I finally needed / wanted to print a note that was a scanned doc jpg - one page but when printing - can't get it to print on one page.

Also have a multiple page text note, but the print doesn't allow me to select page numbers to print - all or nothing. Using HP multifunction printers.

Also seems that the font for printing is way to heavy for the font for the text.


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Wow - I expected this post to get a bunch of hits !

Out of millions of users:

only a few print their EN docs?

or is it that my system is faulty - OS or user?

Using EN is great for storing and getting rid of lots of paperwork by scanning in the document. But there is a time when you need a physical print of that doc.

I can't seem to get it to print out.

The print out font issue appears to have crept in some update as I'm fairly sure I printed out a note a while ago and the print font seemed fine.

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having the same issues. i can print my notes as they come out too large of a font taking numerous pages to print out a single page. which are useless

evernote support has not provided any answers

my problem is threw away all paper documents and unable to print them but i am abe to view the on the computer screen but this is useless, of course

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This is a known bug.

Some printer interfaces do not align properly with EN. The EN dev team is aware of this.

No communication as to when this will be resolved.

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I'm actually having a problem getting even small collections of notes to print on Windows.


Sometimes you go and print a large number of notes and it sits and nothing happens.  Even printing a very small number of notes sometimes not successful, and I have to print them in ever decreasing groups.  I'm actually "printing" the notes to a PDF file (using some software called pdf995), and then have to join PDFs together.  If I try printing large collections of notes, evernote sometimes crashes.  I tried "print preview" (to see if it was Evernote or my PDF software) and I get the same results - a "printing" progress bar and then nothing.


My notes are a mix of clipped images and typed notes.  Many of them are not all that large.


Finally - when are we going to get proper multi-note printing for the mac?  Currently it simply opens the print dialog for each note to be printed, meaning much stitching of PDFs or waste of paper.


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