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(Archived) Query about Evernote accounts

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I have nearly 1K recipes in my Evernote account, which is the reason I got EN in the first place. However, I can see some good reason for using it for other things. Is it possible for me to set up two different evernote accounts (so I can keep the tags separate -- because the ones about recipes really do not have anything to do with anything else in the universe!)

By the way, what is the limit of EN tags (quantity)?


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Currently the limit is set to 10,000 tags per account. You can indeed setup a different account free of charge, but you will not be able to link these two accounts together, they will have separate databases and usernames. May I ask why you cannot continue to use your existing account and utilise the notebook and tagging features to track different aspects within Evernote.

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Because there is nothing about the recipe list that I would ever want to have anywhere else. It seems much cleaner to me to have the databases separate.

IMO, the beauty of Evernote (and I really hate the phrase 'the beauty of' b/c it used to be used so often...but it certainly applies here) is that you can have all your notes in one place. If you're using notebooks, tags, accurate titles/keywords to their fullest extent, there should be no problem having recipes in the same database (or even the same EN notebook) as the users manual for your printer. Having a separate account for recipes smells very much like you've really not got the hang of notebooks/tags/titles/keywords & are trying to use different accounts to kind of replicate notebooks/subnotebooks.

Ultimately, it's certainly your choice. But I have several thousand notes in a single database. Those notes encompass everything from users manuals for my Canon Rebel camera or my favorite recipes (or recipes I want to try), to my contact list, to R&D for work projects, to changes I make at work (I'm a coder) to what my elderly mother's blood pressure was last Saturday.

Additionally, I don't have to regularly log out/log in to a different database on my Windows client AND it (having a single account) is certainly a whole lot easier when using Evernote on my iPhone.

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Yeah. Multiple accounts can be used, e.g. I have a primary and a test account, but they can be a pain. e.g. I am working on a problem at the moment, LastPass has decided that it would prefer to log me in to my test account instead of my main account. No big. But annoying.

I also have a fairly large "Cooking" notebook with recipes, tips, and my scratch cooking notes (That use up what's around crock pot recipe I made up on Sunday really did not work out right. What happens when you start make one thing and then change your mind.) Anyway OT, but the point is that while my Cooking notebook is not small (about 300 notes, not up to your 1000, yet) it is only a small part of my approx 5700 notes. One big thing I learned is that I started with way too many cooking tags. I scrapped almost all my recipe tags and now just search on text in most cases.

e.g. Last week I got a present of a big bag of jalapenos (search: recipe jalapeno), notice, no specific reference to tags, but EN found what I wanted almost immediately. Well that and google recipe search.

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