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(Archived) Are linking notes possible on the Android App?!


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Thanks for this query, because I just found out how to create bookmarks to notes on my Home screen!

To answer the question though, you need the desktop version (and saved notes) to create links, though those links will then be navigable through the Droid app. There's no option in the Droid notes menu to copy a note link (but there is one to create a bookmark!) and if you think about it, since a note has to be saved before you can get the link, and I certainly have my app set to Sync only via wifi, it would be much slower and potentially much more expensive in connection charges to enforce a Sync before getting the note URL to paste into another note.

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I want to link a calendar entry to an evernote, so this feature would be perfect for that (I do not mind waiting until the note has been synchronized).

I have tried a complex workaround with no success: from the note stored in my droid, I obtained an "https://" url, that I then tried to convert into an "evernote://" URL by following the format described in the Evernote API Overview (http://www.evernote.com/about/developer/api/evernote-api.htm#_Toc297053057). However, I cannot seem to find what's my user id. Tried extracting it from the cookies in the evernote web application from my desktop computer, but when opening the resulting "evernote://" link, the Android Evernote complains that the note belongs to a different user and cannot be opened.

For me, this feature is a must to properly integrate Evernote in the Android ecosystem.

*Edit: removed unnecessary detail.

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I want to link a calendar entry to an evernote...

In my version of Evernote for Android it's possible to create a shortcut in Android to open one specific note - (view note: ~menu ~create shortcut) which will then appear in the next vacant spot on your phone home screen. It's also possible to obtain a hyperlink to a note as above. The problem is with the Android Calendar - unless I'm looking in the wrong place, there's no way to embed wither a shortcut or a hyperlink into a calendar item. There are a bazillion calendar versions in the Marketplace but I wouldn't know which, if any, support links. Same goes for links to a calendar item - there's no way to get a link or a shortcut to a single entry.

Agreed it would be highly useful to be able to get a reminder about a task from the calendar and then jump to a note with full contact / project details to follow that up, but for the moment you may have to live with shortcuts (or folders of shortcuts) on the home page.

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Entering any "https://" link in the description of the Android Calendar event works fine; it shows as a clickable link.

However, an https:// link to an evernote will open up in the browser, which defeats the purpose of having a dedicated Evernote app in the phone.

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..but that clickable https link is the web link to the online copy of your note, hence the browser. You need the equivalent of the file:// link to go directly to a note stored on your handset, which is what the shortcut references from your home page. If any Droid speaker out there can advise how we could find the actual content of the shortcut, it might be possible to embed that in your calendar item. As I said before though, IMHO this is not about Evernote, this is about Calendar and the current limitations of the OS. :?

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i just tested a workaround for this issue and for now it works fine for me to do this:


retrieve the documents id from the webbrowser. It's like this: 22e7c98A-1b92-49fc-aad7-41b5265d6c31


concatenate the URL with https://www.evernote.com/OpenNote.action?noteGuid=<ID>&shardId=s7&userId=771138


the userid i did find in a reminder email from the evernote system.


hope this helps.




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