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(Archived) Calendar Sync with Outlook 2010

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Hello Everyone,

I am new to EN and I think that it is an outstanding piece of work. What I need to know is how sync my PC Outlook calendar and tasks with my Toshiba Android Thrive tablet. More specifically,

1. Which calendar do I need to install on my tablet to make this happen?

2. What sync app or program do I need to get the sync function up and running?

Don't want to reinvent the wheel if I can. Just want to know what others are using to make this happen.

Thanks for your input in advance!

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EN's focus is not a calendaring or task management tool. You can send items from Onenote to EN by selecting one or more items & using the "send to EN" button. (I know this works with emails but not sure it works with calendar items). But EN does not "sync" items between EN & Onenote.

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