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(Archived) Fontformat is always changing

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I'm writing you from Germany to explain my english.

My problem is as follows: I'm using Evernote (3.0.1) for Mac (10.6.8), an iPad1 (Evernote App 4.1.1) and an Android Handy (Evernote App 3.2 public). For the last two hours I tried to find a font which is accepted on all platforms. But this seems not to be possible. Everey time I change a note on the Mac, iPad or Mobile the font is changing. This effect makes it impossible to structure the text. So I tried to make same table like formating with tabs / spaces using Times or Courier, but the Android changed that to Arial.

Am I doing something wrong? Is this a known bug? How can I write so the text is looking the same on all devices?

Thanks in advance,


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Ummm. Not sure if there is a perfect solution, and, I don't have enough information to give you a better answer (I don't use either Mac or Android devices).

There is also a whole pile of issues at the moment re. the new Rich Text function on iOS making arbitrary changes to note formatting. This is expected to change shortly, but, DIIK if it will affect this particular issue.

@Evernote: Is there a definitive list of core fonts by Device? In particular what is the safest fixed space font to use across devices?

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Well. Thank you for the Information. I think I have to change back to Google Docs or so to be able to edit documents on multiple devices.


I'm really a bit disappointed because as a math and computer teacher I wanted to use Evernote with my students. I don't understand why this problem happens. I know a lot of LMS like moodle and they all use online editors like tinymce with no problem - as far as I know.

A disappointed customer,

Ingo :cry:

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Okay. I played a liitle more and found this solution:

I can work within GoogleDocs with math formulas and can watch the result on my iPad using the browser (iCab mobile and not editable) or with DocsToGo. Readind the doc is also possible on my Android.

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Yep. Google Docs support for mathematical equations is nice. I use several related web tools (Evernote, Google Docs, Dropbox, ...). What Evernote does it normally does very well. But, it does not do everything. And, I hope it never does. Feature bloat can kill a product.

Unfortunately what you ran into was problems with a core function which should have worked. :(

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Feature bloat can kill a product.

Hmmm, MS Word seems to be alive and kicking :)

Yeah. And it has literally been a decade since I used it.

I prefer to see Evernote continue with more of the Skitch approach. Tight integration with a point product which is only used when needed.

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