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(Archived) Feature Request: Custom Note Order



Instead of having the option to Title, Date Creation etc, have an custom option whereby you can drag and drop the notes into the order you want them in.

For example, as a geography student, I have a lot of reading to complete and take notes for. Each year, for every module we have a preliminary reading list, I have this list in an individual note and all of the readings in individual notes. I'd like the note titled 'Preliminary Reading' at the top of the column, but on the OSX version I can't seem to do this.

Also is there a way to indent quotations? I can't seem to do it. Pressing tab it only works for the first time, and not the subsequent lines.

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All I was saying is that roadmaps are very much appreciated, and like dropbox, you can vote for the features you most want, and the most popular are worked on and integrated.

Sure, all of that is understood, but Evernote doesn't work that way (and neither, as far as I can tell, does Google). That's why I try to deal in the reality of what Evernote is today.

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