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(Archived) Keyboard shortcut - Move caret into a notes ' Title ' field

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This is in regards to evernote's client application, installed on a Windows 7 machine.

When you create a new note, Ctrl+n, the caret ( cursor, pointer, mouse, text tool ) is by default located inside of the content area of the note. The keyboard shortcut, F2, can be used to re position the caret into the notes ' title ' field. Once you are finished editing the notes title, the Enter key will return your caret back to the notes content area.

* I needed this keyboard shortcut awhile back. Now that I require the shortcuts use more, I had to go searching; only to find my old thread here on the evernote forums.

~here is a link to the original post http://forum.evernote.com/phpbb/viewtopic.php?f=30&t=24974&p=106416 ~

For the sake of helping myself find, once I again forget, this shortcut more easily (and to help any future seekers of course ;) ) I created a new thread to help better define the problem/solution for the archives.



*and yet I posted in discussions... Please move as needed, my badd.

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