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Emailing out Attachments


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I have been a lite user of Evernote for a while but am not finding more and more uses for it and become a much more heavier user. I currently have a free account on Windows 7. I have many notes in Evernote, some of which have attachments on them, PDFs, jpeg, Word docs, etc. I love having those attachments stored in Evernote instead of in various folders on my computer.

My question or problem is at times when sending an email to a co-worker I need to attach one of those files in Evernote to my email. I can not seem to find a way to send an attachment in Evernote through an email. I know I can email the entire note, but don't always need to send all the info. Is there a way to do this? Only work around I have thought of is to save the attachment from Evernote to computer, then attach to email, send email, then delete saved file from computer. That seems rather lengthy and kind of goes against the whole concept of keeping attachment in Evernote to begin with.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I did search forum but didn't find the answer, but if this has already been discuss then my apologies, please point me in the right direction.

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Only work around I have thought of is to save the attachment from Evernote to computer, then attach to email, send email, then delete saved file from computer. .

AFAIK, that's the only way.

If the attachment is not modified often, you could also retain a copy on your hard drive. I do this quite a lot b/c I like redundancy for backup/CYA purposes. Then, you could just attach the copy that is living on your hard drive. Of course, if the document is something you're modifying often from within EN, then you may as well continue doing it the way you're doing it.

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You could email the Evernote note to your own email (with all details). Then from within your own email forward it... but remove the forward text and any details you don't want to send (and don't forget to remove the FW from the subject). A bit of a "ugly" work-around, but I think takes us less time than saving the attachment to a file and re-attaching to an email.

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As others have noted, the only practical solution appears to be to save the attachment somewhere, then email it using normal (non-Evernote) processes.

It would be good to have a better way, though, which would act like the normal right-click "Send-to" option in Windows Explorer. This would save the attachment somewhere, create the email, and attach it. Presumably a configuration option would allow the user to specify a directory to be used for that purpose.

Of course it gets more complicated if you want to send more than one attachment at a time ... or attachments from multiple notes ... etc etc!

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I am looking for the same functionality.  I want to be able to send just the attachment via email without the content of my note being attached.  I have taken to having individual documents in individual notes and then copying the link for the note into other notes where necessary. This is not ideal as I would rather like to be able to right click on the attachment and send it via email. The layers get dizzying otherwise.  

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this is an old posting, but as it came up when I did a search, I feel I can post a work around using web broser email accounts. (I no longer use dedicated email software.).


In Windows desktop...If you 'hover the mouse' over the pdf...a little box appears. the first icon looks like an "eye".click on that and it opens in  adobe acrobat..click 'save as' and box showing the place where the pdf is saved opens...drag from that box to your open email message and it should attach.


wb  .

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Works for me.  While composing a message in web Gmail I can drag an attachment onto the message, or grab the handle of a PDF and and drag it onto the message.  This is using FF or Chrome.  FWIW.

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