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(Archived) If some of your notes are not showing after the last update


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Hi All,

Some of you reported that their notes disappeared after upgrading to the latest version.

If you log into Evernote.com or look on your desktop Evernote Client, you will probably find that your notes are safe and sound. It is just the Android app that is having issues displaying them.

We apology for the inconvenience. We are currently submitting new betas every day to make sure we fix every problems quickly.

If you have this issue, please try the latest beta to help us solve it.

You can also send us your logs:

  • From Evernote, press menu, select "settings", select send logs.
    Select any email client (Gmail for example)
    Enter the following email address: android-preview@evernote.com.
    Mention the issue seen in the email subject.

Thank you,


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First, I have already sent my logs, but, I wanted to also post here as a "backup".

I am experiencing problems with a "lost" note. I also have two notes with text and pictures where the text appears to be blank. The notes do not appear at all on my desktop. Which leads me to the next problem...

I am also receiving "404" errors when Evernote attempts to sync.

I have installed to "beta" in attempt to recover my lost data and complete a sync. No luck.

Help. I really need to recover these notes they are extremely important.

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