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(Archived) Offline Notebook Location


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Hello, can someone confirm if I choose to make my notebooks offline (I am a premium subscriber) that all data will be stored in the /sdcard/Evernote diretory? I don't want to take up any internal memory.

Also, if all data will be stored on the SD card, then I will have to see which notebooks to make available offline. Total, I have about 900 megs of notes. If I decided to make it all available offline, anything I should be worried about it terms of performance? I assume it will take a while to do the initial download (even using wifi), but does anyone know if that amount of notes would cause the EN app to be sluggish?

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Yes, the notes will be stored on the SD Card in the Evernote folder and there should be no performance hit.



Thanks, one follow up question. If I make notebooks available offline, then go back and un-select them, will all the offline content be removed from my SD card?

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I selected all but two of my notebooks to be offline. It totaled almost 250 megs. I saw my SD space decrease after syncing all my notes offline. That was a couple weeks ago. Today I deselected them as being offline. I synced and rebooted my phone. The storage space on my SD card increased by about 20 megs. I was expecting it to increase by 250 megs (the amount of offline data).

So it looks like EN does not clean up after itself. How should I get back to where I was before selecting notebooks to be offline? Do I have to uninstall the app, delete the Evernote folder on my SD card and reinstall the app? I would rather not do that since it took a while to sync (even with no offline notebooks).

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Again, no special knowledge here, but using basic system precautions (and your mobile file browser of choice) why not alter the file name of the stored file/ folder(s) and then run Evernote to see whether there's a problem? If not, delete the file and use the space as you will. My droid connects via USB so I can browse it from the desktop and poke it with the occasional stick - haven't permanently broken anything, yet...

If it works and you get your space back, please let us know. Seems like Evernote should have its own broom to sweep out any "old" data that is no longer in use.

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