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(Archived) Evernote for Android v. 3.2.1 Beta 2


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Hi All,

A new update for Android phone and tablet (version 3.2.1 Beta 2 - rev. 179155) is available.

This new bug fix releases includes:

- Additional logs to detect potential issues

- Detection if SD card is locked

- Bug fix for an issue of picture not uploading

- Bug fix of note not opening

- Bug fix of a blank note issue

  • However, this fix doesn't repair the notes with already have the issue.
    If some notes appear as blank on your device, please try this work around:
    - Edit the note with Evernote desktop or web, save and sync
    - Sync Evernote Android
    - Open the note.
    The full content should appear.

Here is the link to download:


If you experience any of these issue, please try this new build and send us the logs:

  • Press menu option, select "settings", select send logs.
    Select any email client (Gmail for example)
    Enter the following email address: android-preview@evernote.com.
    Mention the issue seen in the email subject.

Thank you very much.

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