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(Archived) Stylus use with Evernote

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I have been tasked with identifying and supplying 3 tablets for our directors to use in meetings.

The brief is they wish to write notes with a stylus for later reference. As i'm a commited Evernote user, I want to go with this on the selected tablet.

There seems to be two contenders that have this stylus facility out of the box, the HTC Jetstream (which is not yet available in the UK or may never be) and the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet or it's siblings.

I know the HTC works well with it's customised copy of Evernote and that it's recognised for that on The Trunk.

What I want to know is if I add Evernote to the Lenovo would I be able to use the stylus that comes bundled with the Lenovo to hand write notes.

Anyone out there that's doing this now and if so are you satisfied with the system. If its working OK on the Lenovo I can pitch this to the directors now and not have to wait for the HTC to come along, it it ever does.

Thanks in advance.


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I don't use a tablet. But based upon discussions I've seen in the iDevice section, you may want to take a look at an iPad. It seems a lot of people are happy with an app called Noteshelf, highly recommended by our own Metrodon.


The added benefit is that there is already an existing EN app for iPad.

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Having used tablets since long before MS and Apple decided to reinvent them (windows 3.1 on a 540mb PCMCIA hard disk), I can highly recommend an iPad for your requirements. The long battery life and variety of apps will give you a lot of flexibility.

If you go down the iPad route, then Evernote and NoteShelf do work well together.

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There's is of course a EN app for Android, it's this app that I would like to know if everyones happy with and if anyone is using a stylus with.

I use the iPhone version all the time and as a keen amateur photographer its ideal for record Long/Lat and notes of what and when I took the phoptograph - Just Great!

Thing is although I have the iPhone and do admire the Apple design ethos, there are iPad limitations and hardware retrictions I would like to negate and I do bulk at some of the Apple politics and methods.

Thanks for the reply folks, will look up Noteshelf.


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I have started using EverNote on the Android-based Toshiba Thrive. In particular, I use the accompanying Skitch app (and a stylus) to do handwritten notes during class lectures (I teach college math). I am still getting used to it, but overall I like it. Skitch has some features I need for lectures, like embedding images from the gallery (I pull in an image of a coordinate axis grid, then draw functions and other graphs on the grid). One thing I would advise you to watch out for, but this applies to any whiteboarding app -- be careful not to rest the heel of your hand on the tablet screen while you are writing. Skitch interprets that as a 2-touch event, which it uses for moving objects on the screen. Skitch is a good app for the handwritten notes, and EverNote manages the notes generated by Skitch (including uploading to the EverNote website).

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A stylus with an iPad works well. Noteshelf is nice, but also check out Note Taker HD. There are pros and cons for each. Noteshelf is easy to use and for most folks, probably is enough. Note Taker is a little more feature rich but comes with a learning curve. It provides a novel way (magnification window) to allow more content on a single page. Both export to Evernote but Noteshelf gets the nod here since it can export in both pdf and image form. Note Taker only exports in pdf. Once in Evernote though, neither can be edited again by the ink app. You need to edit the document within the ink app and export the updated version to Evernote.

Fuller Evernote integration would be nice. What I would really like is if this worked like "open in" within the Windows client. Meaning, I wish the native ink app file was stored in Evernote and then when you are in Evernote you could press and hold on the attachment and it would either open up an "open in" window where you can select the application to open the file, or better yet, the file type would be recognized when you press and held the attachment icon and would automatically open up the associated ink app for editing, and then when you were done, saved back to Evernote. Similar to opening a Word file in the Windows client.

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MyScript Notes Mobile which comes bundled with the Lenovo ThinkPad seems to do exactly the same as Noteshelf, it exports to Evernote and has the added bonus of hand writing recognition.

It seems to be an OEM version that Lenovo has tailored for their Android ThinkPad tablet, so we probably need feedback from someone using this device with evernote. Maybe I will post a question on the Lenovo forums and get back to you all.

I will investigate Skitch.

Thanks for the advice all information is useful.

MyScript Notes Mobile details can be found athttp://www.visionobjects.com/

Regards IGM

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