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(Archived) Android 3.2 on Motorola Xoom missing add notebook button


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Hey folks,

I seem to have run into an odd issue on my Motorola Xoom. I'm running the most current version of Evernote available on Android 3.2. I used to be able to add new notebooks from within the Android app but that button seems to have gone missing. I no longer have any way to create new notebooks without having to use the web client.

Any chance somebody may be able to illuminate me as to why this is the case or, better yet, how I could restore this missing functionality?

Thanks for your time. I appreciate the help.



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Thanks for the feedback.

We have just fixed that issue in 3.2.1 beta 1.

It would need some time to push 3.2.1 to Android market.



I'm running 3.2.1 beta 2 and I can't create new notebooks on my Acer A100 Android 3.2... Where is the 'create notebook' button?

UPDATE: I found it! Go to the notebooks view, there is a new '+' button in the top left corner.

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