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Evernote Mac reduce image size



I just clipped a webpage (blog entry) that had 14MB worth of high quality images. Even though I want to keep all the images I have no need for this high of a resolution. Is there a way to have Evernote Mac somehow downsample these images after the note has been created on my Mac (using the webclipper)?

Note that even though Evernote has unlimited storage (limited bandwidth) my computer does not have the same yet (one of those new fangled SSDs to boot) and so I am wary of this problem.


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Its a long time since this question was asked and Evernote has come a long way since then, but.. being able to resize an image using the right click contaxt menu would seem to be something that should be put into place now in 2014..?

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While opening and resizing each image might be a workaround, a better approach would be a way to tell EverNote "Hey, I really don't need print quality images in this doc, could you just compress them all, please." PowerPoint has a similar feature.

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