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(Archived) Windows versus Web differences (and test)

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Dear all,

First, good job on both platforms, they do work better, faster and are more eye-appealing. (Again thanks to iafanasyev for the printing template, that is simply neat!)

But I am still troubled by the Web and Windows not working the same way.

Defect in Windows:

The impossibility to multiselect tags in an OR fashion like the web does. (In Windows it is an AND restrictive multipleselection only),in other words the lack of the and/any selection field that is present in the WEB version.

Defect in WEB:

The misunderstanding of saved searches containing an "any:" token (thus adding it at the end of a query in the blue automatic "Showing...." part.

The addition (weird) of an * after some words leading to uncorrect results.

And another thing related to the above to show misbehaviors

I think (not sure) I put a test for you to try in a thread but cannot find it. So I'll put it here:

Purpose of the test is to find occurences of a pair of words "thing sense", with/without separator, in singular or plural.

Awaited outcome: 4 of the 5 notes are to be found correctly

CREATE 5 NOTES IN THE DATABASE as follow (don't put the numbers):

1) A philosopher's thinking about the real and thing-sense.

2) A philosopher's thinking about the real and thing sense.

3) A philosopher's thinking about the real and things-sense.

4) A philosopher's thinking about the real and things sense.

5) Reality and things that might have a given sense.

----------this last note should never be found as no pair exist.


any: "thing sense" "thing-sense" "things sense" "things-sense"

TRY clicking the saved search in windows and in the WEB

Windows will be OK

Web will find the 5 instead of the 4. (And you will see the weird any: and the * I am mentionning in the blue SHOWING.... in two of the searched pairs)

Worse: IF YOU LOOK into the SEARCH field above on the right of the web system, you will see that the same pairs that have the * added are missing the "" that was written in the windows field while creating the search (as the sentence shows in the paragraph above, each pair (the 4 of them) is surrounded by "" as insisted by Iafanasyev had mentionned as correct syntax)

I suggest you copy and paste the notes and the saved search from above to be sure of the test.

Best regards


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