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(Archived) Syncing failures in Lion on new iMac



I recently purchased a new iMac to replace my prior unit. I did a migration and everything works just fine...except Evernote. The new iMac, of course, runs Lion, which seems to be the only variable which is obvious to a non-tech sort like me.

The problem is in syncing, I get a consistent message that syncing failed. I've re-installed Evernote and same issue. I sent in a support request, and I've received no practical help whatsoever. The most recent response is so long, technical and obscure it's unimaginable that anyone but a seasoned technical person would even understand the intent. There's nothing special, unique or unusual about my situation and it's hard to believe this "solution" is the best Evernote's technical support people an develop.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I've found the problem a bit frustrating but the technical support response far more frustrating.

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