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(Archived) Notebook specific tags

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Hi all,

I may be missing something to begin with here, as I fear this may be possible but I can't seem to find the option, nor can I find this on my search here. If this isn't possible I'd like to possibly put it in as an enhancement request or similar.

I'd like to have the ability to set whether my tags to be notebook specific or account wide. Reason being I have multiple notebooks for differing personal and/or business interests, and as such when creating a business note on my tablet I'd like to not have my personal tags pop up etc.

Any thoughts from anyone else?


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You didn't mention which client you are using. On the Windows desktop client (and others), you can keep tag display to a minimum by making sure that the Hide Unassigned Tags setting is enabled, so that you only see the tags that apply to the current notebook. Aside from that, no, I don't know of any way to make a tag apply to only a single notebook (or set of notebooks) except by enforcing it yourself, nor have I heard of any plans to add that feature (but Evernote doesn't typically release plans like that beforehand).

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