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(Archived) Remember state of left panel between launches




I really appreciate the possibility of hiding the left pane when running Evernote on Lion. However, would it be possible to have Evernote remember the state of the left pane between reboots, so that it stays hidden? This would be consistent with how Mail.app does it. As things are now I must hide it every time i launch Evernote.


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The app should remember if you have the left panel hidden or shown. Does it "forget" when in fullscreen mode as well? Fullscreen mode should remember if you did a show/hide from the last time you were in fullscreen mode

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Thank you for replying.

It seems the app remembers the state when I'm in fullscreen mode, but not when in regular "windowed" mode. Then it always reverts to "show" every time I launch the app.

I'm running Evernote 3.0.1 (172167), on an 2.26 GHz Intel Core Duo Macbook Pro, running OS 10.7.1.


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