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(Archived) Here's how to add Evernote to your iGoogle home page

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Interesting. Thanks for the link.

Due the confidential material in my Evernote, I am nervous about sharing my Evernote password with other programs, so I don't think I will use it for the time being.

I try to use unique cryptographically strong and long passwords for each of my programs.

But this password sharing seems to be a growing trend. Some programs logins ask for my Twitter or Facebook username and password. The more people who have access to my password, the greater the chance for a hacker to break in.

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Just tested and the gadget got my credentials automatically. Probably from current web client logon but possibly via LastPass.

Works, but, in my case not a big feature. I rarely use iGoogle any more. Using GMail gadgets for Remember The Milk and Google Docs meets most of my needs.

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