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Fujitsu ScanSnap


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This scanner is listed in the "Trunk".

When it's set up correctly it scans directly into Evernote. It's almost really nice. What's missing is the ability to direct the import of of the pdfs to a consistent notebook. The default notebook that normally applies isn't in play.

I posted here because it's to a windows client.

Does anyone have experience this with this.



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What I do, I click on the notebook I want the scan to go into before I scan. It will go to the current folder. I then rename it and assign tags.

I use a lot of different presets in SnapScan. If I am scanning a batch of papers set to create different pdfs for each sheet, I scan into the !Inbox so I will remember to rename and assign the correct notebook to each scan along with the correct tags.

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I'm running a ScanSnap S1500 with the ScanSnap Manager software installed into Vista - I can scan direct to Evernote or to a folder (which is not the Evernote import folder, otherwise there's no point). I haven't noticed how ScanSnap decides what folder to add direct scans into - I assumed it was the default folder, but maybe it's the "current" folder, whichever one was last set before the app was closed. I find that the scan to (not import) folder works best for me because I can add more information to the file name - mine is just set to the creation date and time. I process the scan, edit the filename and start another scan until the session is over or I get seriously bored, then dump all the files into the real import folder and let Evernote chew on that.

This works for me - I can combine some PDFs, rescan huge ones at lower resolution, do the occasional hi-res scan and move any confidential paper on to the Dreaded Shredder Bin* - and control how much of my quota gets used towards the end of the period by importing to my main notebooks or a local one.

All my scans get processed at the same time, so the notes are easily findable for tagging - and I guess I could change default / current notebooks between dumping files into the import folder, but mainly I just drag the files between notebooks after they get imported (but before syncing). Wifi sometimes has to have a break whilst doing this.

I haven't missed an option to specify the destination notebook for a scan. That's not only an Evernote issue - you'd need Fujitsu to update their software too. Short to medium term I think you may be stuck with manipulating files between notebooks after the event.

There is already a way to specify the destination notebook (and tags) using your unique Evernote email address - see http://www.evernote.com/about/kb/articl ... o-evernote for more.

*actioning the contents of the DSB lags a day or so behind everything else until I'm sure everything synced OK.

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My Scansnap has quit cooperating with EN.

Formerly: with SS QuickMenu selected (SS options dialog) the SSManager would offer among others EN.Scan2Doc and EN.Scan2Note or something like that. Elephant conspicuous in popup upon scan. 2Note produced a jpg, 2Doc produced a PDF, both directly to EN local instance.

It seems to have been "bumped" upon Google Docs showing up as an unwelcome option? Coincidence?

Can't for the life of me figure out how to recover the original options. I do NOT want to default to EN: merely to have it among the various popup options upon scanning.


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Any chance you have a system restore point that dates back to when the ScanSnap was working correctly? (Whilst using a restore point "does not affect user files", you may want to make sure you have a current full system backup before messing with the furniture in this way..)

If you have SSManager and go to ~Scan Button Settings and check the Profile dropdown on the right, it's possible to add a new profile, or use the profile manager to edit an existing one - anything useful in there?

I did a search for "scansnap google evernote windows" and came up with a variety of possible hits - including a Fujitsu update which I seem to remember installing on mine. http://www.fujitsu.com/global/support/computing/peripheral/scanners/drivers/org41.html

Failing the above (or something more relevant), Fujitsu or Google support emails sound like the next step.

Good luck :?

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Save me from disaster. How do I re-install EN without disrupting the (mostrous) database? /Schooner

1)Backup your .exb file (Just in case)

2)Disconnect internet (Just in case of sync issues)

3)Re-Install evernote and, assuming you have your database in default location, login with same username as before. It should find and reuse your existing database.

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Make sure you save your backup database to a different location so that you can copy it back to your default location if needed (check in Tools/Options/General for the location of the EN local files). Reinstall as directed above. Ensure that the database location is still where you want it. If the database has been deleted during the installation process and you now have an empty database (did happen with some MUCH earlier versions) you can just shut down EN (including the clipper, just to be safe) and copy your backup to the default location that you want. Restart EN and you will be "restored."

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