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(Archived) Dates of Notes

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I use Evernote to archive scientific articles, generally in pdf format. It would be great if there was "year" field to accompany the author, title, source, tags, etc.

(Or is there a way to search on the date of an article other than a general search, which would bring up page numbers, tabular values, etc in addition to dates?)

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Evernote has been working on a Due Date column for the past couple years. I'd like to see it released this year.

But, it does not have to be a due date. When it is released, you could change the date to the article's year (1987-01-01 for instance).

What I would do for right now is start off the Evernote title with the year and the name of the article and an appropriate tag.

And use the intitle: search

  • intitle:1987 tag:abc

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