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(Archived) Suggestion: Export All Notes Option

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Personally, I would love to see an 'Export all notes' option, that will turn it into a PDF or something on your computer, that can be accessed without internet. I have not downloaded Evernote, I simply use it through my phone and through my internet browser, so if this option is available through downloading, let me know. If this is an option on premium, I would most certainly purchase premium for the opportunity to periodically do this!

It would be nice, in this export all concept, if it could go to a PDF and would separating the notes out via headers or similar. Just as a fail-safe. While I am extremely confident in Evernote's servers and capacity to handle situations as they arise, I would still sleep easier at night knowing that, if I so choose, I can have personal backups of the information I put on Evernote. I use it mostly for writing down quickie ideas that often end up being a bit more in-depth that initially intended, so this concept is very important to me. I can't hand copy and paste every last note I have on evernote. I'm sure those who use it for business and day to day life would agree with this. It's only for notes, yes, but even my notes need to be backed up. I do see the email option, but with the number of notes I have, that would be quite troublesome.

I have tried using other programs, which have word count and email your 'note' capabilities for backup and other such bits, but they just don't have the same feel as Evernote, which I very much enjoy. I also like that my evernote can be accessed from practically anywhere, and others I have tried cannot be.

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