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(Archived) Rotating Images


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Hi, I just upgraded to version 3.2. Now when I view an image in a note, it opens and lets me rotate the image. However, I cannot save the image after it rotates. Is the rotating just for viewing or am I missing how to save the rotated image back into the note?

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Looks like that option is purely so you can inspect the image in more detail if needed. You also have options to save the image to the downloads folder where you could manipulate it separately and share it back to Evernote but IME it's quicker and easier to do image editing on a desktop than on the phone. If you have the time and the requirement however you can make image changes via the Android client (and some additional editing apps for convenience..)

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Yes, I agree it is easier to use an application on my desktop to edit photos. But mainly I just rotate images 90 degrees. For some reason when I take a picture, it is always rotated 90 degrees in Evernote... Anyway, I will continue to fix the images on my desktop. Just got my hopes up that simple editing like rotating an image could now be done in the Android client. Maybe in a future release.

I am liking the slide show feature in this new release though. Well done.

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