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(Archived) How can I do this? - capturing bits to stick into notes

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I would like to capture snippets - images, links, pdfs - which I would later stick into notes. I don't want to capture each one as a note because I want to have everything gathered together presented as one note.

A specific example:

I use Evernote to monitor outstanding issues at work. I want one note to represent one issue. Each note will contain text snippets, scans of supporting documents, etc.

I know I can't use Evernote to gather up items, just notes. Perhaps I need to use third-party software to gather up the items, and then drag them into Evernote.

Any suggestions?

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You can do both.

e.g. I do a lot of clipping during the day. All my clips go to my default notebook which functions as my Evernote inbox. These clips are usually raw, untagged, and need some cleanups. Some of these notes need to be linked together.

Depending on the situation I:

- Edit note title into a standard sortable format which brings common items together or

- Merge notes or

- Add note links to a master note or

- Copy content from new note into a master note

I do most of my inbox processing in the Evernote Windows client. Faster, more reliable editor, and it's assign tag dialog (Ctrl-Alt-T) in particular makes the process very efficient.

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