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(Archived) QUESTION: Are there any official OSX services for Evernote Mac?



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Are there any official Mac OSX Services for Evernote or are there any plans to offer these? Services have become quite useful since Snow Leopard and Lion came out.

Can you provide some examples of what you would like to accomplish with Services?

Could any of these be done via AppleScript?

You may want to checkout Venitrope.com

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So, the basic service I'd want is to be able to select text ANYWHERE (not just on a web page), invoke the Service, and save the selection as an Evernote note.

That "service" is basically already there. All you have to do is:

  1. Select the text/images
  2. CMD+C <=== copy to clipboard
  3. CMD+CTRL+V <===== Paste into Evernote as a new Note

the last shortcut is setup in Evernote Preferences > Shortcut Keys

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I can think of one good use case for this. I read a lot of PDFs, so it would be nice to have a service that could create a new note and attach the PDF I'm looking at in Preview. Sure, you could probably script this specifically for Preview, but it would be nice to have it more generally usable in other applications.

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I would like something similar too.  http://blog.nik.me/post/30458268679/evernote-services-for-snow-leopard has a set of services.  But, I'm not sure how maintained this is.  Services like "Send pdf to Evernote", "Send selection to Evernote" and "Send file to Evernote" etc. will be very handy while doing some internet research and evernote is used for collating everything.  


I'm the author of those services, and I assure you that they are entirely supported -- they just haven't needed an update since 2009. I use them every day, and they work fine in Lion and Mountain Lion, too.

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