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(Archived) Snapshots from notes into gallery


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Dear Evernote users,

How come that every snapshot i take in evernote, also turns up in my android gallery.

When I view my Android picture gallery I would only like to see the normal pictures I've taken, not all the " Picture-notes " ive taken during my evernote sessions.

Is this possible?

Thanks for your help!


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This may be one of those "not a bug it's a feature" situations - I also use the Droid app, and simply delete the uploaded pics once I've got the note sorted out. I like the belt and braces option though of having the original pic, just in case a sync doesn't work and I need to upload the pic to my PC, or I want to do something more with the picture at a later date. The gallery shows which pics are connected to the camera, and I don't keep anything else in that location so a regular clear out works fine. If EN add a "delete original picture? Y/N" to the process it just makes it longer to add a note.

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You can use a picture protecting program such as QuickPic. It also identifies every single picture files in your Android phone. You can then exclude the ones you do not wish to show up. You can also hide them with a passcode. Gallery will not see them.

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