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(Archived) Adding tags to a clipped note

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I notice when I clip web items from firefox, and get the pop-up window which offers me a title for the clip plus an option to add tags, that if I get too ambitious and add several tags, the blank fields which appear for the "next tag" get further and further toward the right-hand edge of the popped window and eventually disappear. After a few tags there's no new blank field, but if I keep typing the list of tags with similar names will appear over my main desktop, and if I hit ~return the tag is created, although it is scrolled off to the right and doesn't show in the popped window at the end of the list of previous tags. Not a big deal, but it might cause some confusion. Better to have the window resize itself or scroll the list of tags left so you can always see the last entry. Hope that makes sense..

(-Presumably this will also apply to clipped items from other sources, but I haven't noticed it elsewhere since most of my traffic is via the browser.)

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