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(Archived) Evernote for MacOS 3.0.2 Beta 2



People of Evernote on Mac,

Sorry for the sudden update, but we have a beta 2 already. We wanted to immediately fix an issue with languages other than English. While we were scrambling to get that out, we also managed to squeeze in a few other fixes, including some graphical glitches and a problem with links to local filenames. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.

If you've enabled Beta updates, click on "Check For Updates..." from the "Help" menu or visit http://s.evernote.com/mac2preview

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Just to clarify, are these updates Lion-only, or Lion-mostly and some Snow-Leopard? With this update along with the Android, this has been a good day.

It'd be more "Lion-mostly and some Snow-Leopard" the fixes should span both operating systems

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Hi dlu

I installed and tried EN 3.0.2 Beta 2 just now, the problem of not responding is still there.

My Mac OS 10.7.1 Lion

intel core 2due


Thanks for letting us know. Will keep working on the issue.

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My Evernote problem seems to be fixed after I followed the steps Evernote support team told me to as below:

We would like to have you completely delete all traces of Evernote and then try to install again. First verify that all your notes have synced.

If you have unsynced or local only notes you will need to export these and back them up in another location prior to uninstalling Evernote in this manner. Failure to back up local only or unsynced notes will result in the loss of these notes. Once ready, please download and use the following program to uninstall Evernote:


Reboot your computer.

Then, download and install the latest version of the Mac client:

http://www.evernote.com/about/download/ ... vernoteMac

When you open our installer, make sure to drag the Evernote icon into the Applications folder instead of running it from within the installer package.

Eject the disk image and delete the installer file before you run Evernote.

Thanks to Evernote support and this forum, now I can use Evernote to help organize my life again! I'll keep support evernote!

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You can report to either Customer Support (mainly if you need help) or post to the forum. We monitor both pretty closely. If you need more technical help, support is probably the way to go. Quick tips or how-to questions can go to the forums and Beta specific stuff can go in this thread. It's easier to have everything on one thread for me to check up on than delving into separate threads.

thanks and welcome!

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