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(Archived) help: accidentally restored 260 notes from Trash!!




This is driving me crazy. Using Mac version 3.0.1. I usually don't empty trash very often. And this time I have got 260 notes in Trash. And when I try to empty the trash, I accidentally click the restore all notes option without realising! And now all 260 notes are back and scattered across 9 notebooks! The "Undo" button doesn't allow me to undo this stupid action.....There is no apparent way to identify these notes which were deleted during months/weeks..with a wide ranging of created/updated dates.

Is the only way to re-delete these restored notes is to going through them one by one? Please help......

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Is the only way to re-delete these restored notes is to going through them one by one? Please help......

I just restored a note from the trash & the updated date got modified to today. So it appears you could sort by updated date. I'm using the Windows client, so can't say for certain the Mac client functions similarly.

Or...if you had a recent backup of your database, you could restore from that. In this case, you'd want to export any newly created non-sync'd notes (IE local notebooks) before restoring & then import them into the restored database.

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I just encountered a similar terrifying event: I wanted to restore 3 selected files and misinterpreted the "restore all" button in the trash. About 1300 deleted notes were restored to over 30 notebooks! My whole task management was at stake! Luckily I reacted fast enough and switched of the Wifi. I waited until all the notes were restored and then I deleted all notes with the unsynced dot symbol.

My recommendation would be a request when doing such actions ("do you really want to restore 1300 notes to 30 different notebooks?").

A question to the pros: When I replace my local Evernote DB with an older backup that does not include recent changes (like 1000+ restored notes) that were already synced to the cloud, doesn't Evernote sync these last changes from the cloud back into the restored DB?

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