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(Archived) Suggestion: Filter tags based on notebook context

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I want the ability to be able to filter my tags based on what notebook I'm currently looking at.

If I have a notebook where I keep track of my work stuff and a notebook where I keep track of my personal stuff, I don't need to see my work tags if I'm only looking at personal notes.

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The problem I've found is that if it just doesn't filter by current notebook, but by current search as well. For example, if I click on "Notebook 1" it shows all notes in said notebook, and filters the tag list to show only tags associated by those notes. If I then select say "tag 1", the note list is filtered to show all notes in Notebook 1 with that tag. But it also filters the tag list to only show tags associated with those notes.

I get why its doing this, but it can get really inconvenient at times.

I would prefer it if there was a way to separate "Hide Unassigned Tags" into something like "Filter Tags be Selected Notebook" and "Filter Tags by Search Parameters" (which would basically have the same function as the current option).

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