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(Archived) Whoever has Evernote crash problem, please come in and reply



I don't know when Evernote has become one of my most important app where I store all my thoughts, personal database, files, papers and everything interesting I read form web, I need to use it almost everyday, but now since I upgrade Evernote to 3.xx, it crashes every time when I tried to read my note, I can't even change between my notebooks, it just stop responding, this situation has been over a month and wasted a lot of my time uninstall, reinstall and searching on the web in the hope to find solutions, I believe I am not alone, please leave your message, we need to let Evernote team to realize how bad this problem has effect our user experience and life, we hope Evernote become better and better, but they also need to know we have limited tolerance.

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