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(Archived) REPEAT REQUEST ....

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I have seen this question raised in different guises a few times on the forum, and thought yet another similar request might help to fuel a change. [Ever the optimist!]

When I want to tidy up a lot of text I have in a note, the tab key generates a 'floating', not a 'fixed' tab. My text ends badly lined up all over the place and takes ages to sort manually.

It's all a bit stone age isn't it?

I am a computer dunderhead when it comes to software writing, but can't 'tab' work as it does in Word, Open Office and a million other text applications?

I do realise that Evernote is NOT primarily a text formatting tool, but please Evernote, help me to be tidy ... it would make a GOOD application BRILLIANT for me.


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Yes that's something, but there is STILL a lot of manual fiddling to do afterwards to get things lined up properly AFTER the first word.

Ctrl M moves the START of the line along and lines it up, but I want to leave a phrase on the left hand side of the page, then tab to further along the line for more info and for THAT info to line up with subsequent lines.

Ah well.

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Yeah, no hanging indents in Evernote. Generally, if you want to do lining up of text in lines, you could use a table. Not that tables are fully fleshed-out in Evernote at this time, so that's no picnic either.

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Actually, something that's been bugging me with indenting in the Windows client is a wierd behaviour that seems to occur almost at random.

If I press control+m on the following.

Something: Another thing

Everything works as normal. But if I try it on something formatted like so.

Something: Another Thing

Then sometimes it indents the whole line, other times it will split the Bold and unbolded parts into different lines (sometimes the bold coming first, sometimes second) and then indent both lines.

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