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(Archived) Feature request: OCR image to text within one note

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I love Evernote but there's one thing missing that's stopping me switching right over.

And that's the lack of OCR. Sure, you can search on text within an image within a note, but I want to convert a snapshot of an article to text.

Now, I can do that with Google Docs - simples! Upload, and there's the image with the text underneath, instantly.

I was thinking - there's an Evernote API, and a Google Docs API with OCR functionality:

http://code.google.com/apis/documents/d ... l.html#OCR

In the same way that VoiceNote somehow grabs my evernote audio uploads and transcribes them, could my Google Docs account be used to OCR notes from Evernote and append the transcribed text to the uploaded image in evernote? Because right now, until Evernote gets OCR, the process is: Upload image to Evernote, upload image to Google Docs, open doc in Google Docs, copy text, open Evernote, open note, paste text under image.

So before I spend the time learning both APIs, has someone done this already, or is there some kind of plugin to do what I want? (I've looked and didn't find). Thanks!

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I'm not aware of anything that is available like this in our Trunk. It'd be a great idea though, linking the two. Anyone else out there know of OCR image to text add-on in Evernote?

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