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(Archived) Bug: content modified as part of a note



As i was adding some notes to my evernote mac client Version 2.3.0 (160287), i notices that something triggers modifications of saved content, ie, removal of new line character

How to reproduce a bug:

1. Create new note

2. copy everything from "http://condor.depaul.edu/jriely/se450fall2012/notes/notes-final-project.html" to it

3. save note

4. click on some other note

5. click back on the original note

you'll see that \n was removed from a lot of lines

Update: same problem persists on version Version 3.0.0 (169177)

Update 2: problem seems to be specific to iMac. Same note on MBA looks fine. After syncing, MBA looks fine, iMac shows no new lines. Both ever notes are the same version, both were downloaded from appstore

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