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(Archived) Official EverNote Version for Linux?

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We do not plan to develop a Linux client any time soon, but we are going to release our API in a few weeks, which would allow an external developer to integrate our network sync into their Linux app.


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Is there just not support among the community or is there an internal reason of why not?

Or I guess just releasing the API and/or source code (well, I guess API is a major difference of releasing the source code [ C or Python? ]) would be a major help to the Linux community...

I was just curious of the reason with many new services, like yours, releasing Linux clients/versions. I love the product, offerings and everything! I was just wanting insight into your thoughts.

Thank you for such a great product.


Craig Huffstetler

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This is just a question of resources. We're not a very big outfit, and we're supporting a lot of code right now already. If you gave us a dozen engineers (that we didn't need to pay), we'd be happy to stick them on Linux, but we won't be getting to that ourselves in the near future.

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I am 100% Linux and I have been very happy with Evernote running under ine. The functionality is about 99%. The only annoying thing is that when you select a note from the list, the cursor in the list jumps to another line. This only happens with your fitst selection and I am just careful with it. I also use the web version which is really slick with the latest release. With Mozilla it rocks. I uninstalled Note Basket. It was ok but it isn't Evernote.

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Have you got any sort of workaround for when you cannot be online?

We plan to release a new IMAP/POP3 gateway which would let you cache your notes in any mail client (e.g. Thunderbird on Linux) for use offline.

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IMAP/POP3 gateway which would let you cache your notes in any mail client

Gee, that's a pretty interesting answer. Guess I'll stick around and see how that goes.

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Here's another user who would be on the Evernote bandwagon if it had a linux version. Maybe the API will help. :( I've tried running Evernote through wine, but find it to be painfully slow. In the last version, the web clipper quit after clipping text, and on the current release, only the image clipper works, not the text.

The web version would be usable if I could get a scrolling view instead of the thumbnail view- like in the desktop version.

Oh well.

-Karin Dalziel

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I am up for a Linux version also. Heck, even a Mac OSX Tiger version! Have some mercy on those of us with older hardware! How about a Java client? That could take care of things. I was also thinking a Drupal, Joomla or WordPress plugin or module. Perhaps with the published API, but for shared info, that could be interesting!

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