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(Archived) Making a kind of folder for stacks and notebooks



Hi :)

I use for notes in my school, but i have one question:

I got a lot of notes, notebooks and Stacks that I've created this term. When this term ends i want to collect all these stacks in 1 place. (A place like a folder, or a stack for stacks :D). Do you got any idea that can help me? :)

Thank you! :D

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Just a suggestion - one which costs if you're a Premium user, but it may be worth it to you.. How about setting up another Evernote account and moving the notebooks to that account? You'd have to export from one account and import to the other, and viewing the notes would then require logging in to a different account..

If you want to keep the notes available, the only other option would be to merge the notebooks and stacks into one stack by renaming the notebooks - you could use "stack_one_notebook_one..." etc as names in a 'virtual' stack and merge them into one Evernote stack. Possibly.

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I would suggest you replicate your stack/notebook names with tags & then move all the notes into a notebook named "archive". IE, you have stack A with notebooks B, C & D. Create a parent tag A, child tags B, C & D. Select all the notes in notebook B, tag them with A & B. Then move all those notes to notebook "archive". Select all notes in notebook C, tag with A & C & move to notebook "archive". etc. Later, when searching, you can eliminate any notes in the archive notebook from the results pane a few ways. Either don't search using all notebooks or use all notebooks, sort the results by notebook & skip over the ones in the archive notebook. Or use -tag:"A" in your search parameters.

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