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(Archived) Search text in images local folders with no Sync or Uploads

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HowToDoPlz: I'm a newby and my first project is that I wish to search for text within images (*.GIFs) in local hard disc folders and sub-directories without having to Sync or Upload these images to the EverNote servers, as I have no need for these particular images to be shared amongst devices, they only need to have up to 10(ten) multiple keywords of text searched for just this one time and that's that. Cheers, from DownUnder (Perth - OZ). 27-Aug-2011 12:41

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Is this a development question? If so, you should probably be posting in the Developer's subforum.

Aside from that, if you want images to be OCR'd by Evernote, then you'll need to sync to the Evernote servers, as that's where the OCR is performed, as far as I understand it.

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