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(Archived) automatically removing tags as in old evernote



In bygone days, when "tags" were "categories", it was very useful to open "category properties" and specify, for example, that when a note tagged "urgent" was tagged "done", the "urgent" tag would be automatically removed. This saved the extra work. (In the category properties dialogue box this had the heading "Remove the following categories from the target note" and then you just specified which categories you wanted removed.)

I have not succeeding in finding this capability in present-day evernote, or have I missed something?

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Not that I've ever heard of, particularly on the Windows client, which is what I mostly use. I've thought that tagging rules would be a great addition to Evernote fo awhile; sounds like your scenario would fit right in.

Since you're on the Mac, there may be an AppleScript solution possible, but that's outside of my Windows ken...

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