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(Archived) Daughter leaving country

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I have Evernote running on my computer here. How can I add a second EverNote to my computer that would be specifically for my daughter? She is moving to Costa Rica and I want a place here in the US for all of her notes and documents in the event she loses them while down there.

Any help appreciated.

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If your daughter will be sync'ing all her notes, then she has a built in backup on the EN servers.

Regarding local backups (always good to have, IMO, too)...you posted this in the general section. You would be better served to post in the section specific to her use. IE, if she's using a Windows client, she can backup her local Windows database to another location on her hard drive and/or external hard drive and/or thumb/jump drive and/or put the backup into a cloud backup such as Jungle Disk, Mozy, Carbonite, etc.

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Thx for your prompt response. I'll jump over to Windows client but, since I have your attention.. My daughter will only have an iPhone with her in her travels through Central America ending up in Costa Rica. Making matters worse, only access to the internet via wifi periodically. My concern are her personal document (passports, insurance document etc.) In the weeks ahead they will have no permanent residence and will have to carry everything with them anywhere they go. My fear is what if those documents get lost or stolen or worse. I realize they can update the cloud...and that's a good thing. But if something happens to them down there I need to have access to her documentation. I know they're in the cloud but what happens if the cloud is lost. I'd feel so much better having her hard copy spinning on my drives right here

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During my own relatively recent travels in Central America and Costa Rica, I found quite good internet access available in the many coffee shops etc.

I also would suggest getting her an unlocked GSM phone so she can buy a local sim card when she gets there, as she'll then be able to call you without crazy expensive phone rates, especially if the worst does happen.

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