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(Archived) version control for attachments (vis-à-vis PersonalBrain)


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Maybe I'm missing something, but does EN allow for multiple versions of attachments?

I'm also a heavy user of PersonalBrain and it's commonplace for me to be creating a presentation that, for backup and review reasons, has multiple versions. When I launch a file contained with PersonalBrain, I can make changes and File / Save As v2, v3, etc... and each version is stored in the "thought" with easy-to-view attributes, btw (date, time, size).

In contrast: I drag a file into EN, launch it, and make changes. No problem if I just save and close. However, if I try File / Save As, the new version doesn't appear in the note (though gets stored in the Attachments folder). In these cases, I'd like to have the multiple versions all (automatically) appear in the original note each time I save with a new name.

Am I doing something wrong or is this just not possible with EN?


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This is exactly the functionality I need. But since you haven't gotten an answer for 8 months I guess we're out of luck. The only work around I can imagine is saving as to the desktop, dragging that new version back into the EN note and saving the note. Clunky.

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Sadly, this is still bugging the heck out of me. I was doing a Google search and this very familiar post was one of the top hits.


I'm still doing exactly what you described: open file, make changes, "save as" to the desktop, drag it back into EN. Clunky to say the least.  :angry:


Come on, Evernote! How can you expect people to store files in EN but not offer better file management?

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One of the premium benefits is Note History (see http://evernote.com/premium/ and the Knowledge Base article Is there Version Control in Evernote?). It's not a full-bore version control system (and I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't want that in Evernote), but it may be sufficient for most people's needs. I'm going to assume that it saves prior versions of attachments as well, though I've never actually used it. Edit: verified that previous versions of attachments are saved.

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