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HOWTO: Add/delete rows and columns in tables



Um, maybe I'm missing something - but is it possible to edit tables after you've created them in a note? I mean, to add and/or delete extra rows and columns etc. I can't see a way to do this, and I never remember how many I need when I first create the table? I find using tables useful for 'list' type stuff, so this is becoming a pain...


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I didn't see this earlier but i basically restarted this topic. It appears the editing remains very basic and limited, and since this was started in August, it also must not be a priority. Though I am making a push that at least some more editing choices be made available, or what's the point?

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Yes, you can right click to delete a row, once your cursor is in a row. But it's really, really archaic to delete a column or row. You can't select and delete multiple rows. You have to click and shuffle through to a sub-menu for each and every row/column you want deleted. Pretty lame, really.


Even just a keyboard shortcut for add or delete rows columns would be huge help. The only keyboard shortcut for tables right now is for new table, which seems the least useful possible thing to have.

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+1: some usability please!  How about some cursor context specific actions in the button bar?  When you drop an image into a table cell and then try to get to the "Table" context menu, it doesn't even show up.  You have to add some sort of whitespace to the cell to be able to click and find "Table".


(On Mac)

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