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I have been working with Evernote for about a year now. I use it for all of my classes at the University. I have noticed something that would be very useful in the future. I wish I could make a note and associate with other notes. Like for instance, I am taking a finance class. I take notes on the lecture and then from the book. I would like to be able to "pull together" these notes for, for example, Exam 1. Is there a way to create a base note so that all the associate/derived notes would show up in the left side? This occurred to me after using various emailing programs that condense conversations of the same respondent in order for me to easily review the past conversation.

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Hi @zeroshi, one way to do this would be to assign the notes a common tag or combination of tags, then create a saved search to extract them. In essence, you need to create the associations yourself on the basis of whatever tag structure you have created. Please repost if you need further elaboration!

For example, if you had a notebook called 'Finance' and tagged lecture notes as 'lectures' and book notes as 'texts', you could create a search like:

notebook:Finance any: tag:lectures tag:texts

This would search the Finance notebook for notes tagged with either 'lectures' or 'texts'

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Another way would be to create a new note and put links to all the other notes that relate to that Exam. Each time you add a new note, just link it to the master note and before the test, use the master note to access all your related info.

Or, if you use the notebook and tag structure mentioned, you might want to add another tag for the Exam # so you can limit it by test.

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